Yzofluran | Aerran liquid for inhalation 100 ml vials of 6 pieces.

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Latin name


Release form

Inhalation liquid.


6 bottles of 100 ml.

Pharmacological action

Aerran – a means for inhalation general anesthesia. It causes a rapid onset of general anesthesia, a weakening of the pharyngeal and laryngeal reflexes, and moderate muscle relaxation.

With an increase in the depth of general anesthesia, blood pressure decreases proportionally (decreases in the induction stage, but normalizes in the surgical phase, further deepening of anesthesia leads to a significant decrease in blood pressure), the heart rate does not change, spontaneous breathing is weakened.

With deep general anesthesia, cerebral blood flow rises, which can lead to a transient increase in CSF pressure. With supported breathing and normal partial pressure of oxygen, the minute volume of blood circulation does not depend on the depth of anesthesia.

Myocardial sensitivity to catecholamines increases slightly. Does not cause excessive secretion of salivary and tracheobronchial glands. Depth of anesthesia is easily controllable.


performing surgical interventions under conditions of general anesthesia

analgesia and / or anesthesia in obstetric practice (including cesarean section),

for short-term interventions that do not require turning off the consciousness.


Hypersensitivity to Aerran.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Since there is insufficient evidence to confirm the safety of Aerran during pregnancy, the use of this drug is contraindicated for pregnant women.

The use of the drug is possible only with short-term obstetric interventions, such as cesarean section.

Breast-feeding should be discontinued for at least 12 hours after the end of anesthesia.


100% isoflurane.

Dosage and administration

Aerran is used in a mixture with oxygen using an anesthesia machine with a special vaporizer.

The concentration of induction anesthesia is 0.5 vol.%, supporting – 0.5-3 vol.% (increase after a few breaths), maximum – 4.5 vol.%.

In obstetrics during childbirth – 0.25-1 vol.%.

The surgical stage of anesthesia is achieved after 7-10 minutes.

Side effects

In the induction phase: cough, shortness of breath, laryngospasm (in isolated cases).

In the phase of general anesthesia – respiratory depression, decreased blood pressure, arrhythmogenic effect (rarely).

In the postoperative period – slight chills, nausea, vomiting, intestinal paresis, impaired liver function (in isolated cases), intellectual and mnemonic disorders (2-3 days after anesthesia), mood decline (within 6 days), leukocytosis, transient increase the level of glycemia, creatinine, urea nitrogen, cholesterol and alkaline phosphatase syndrome of malignant hyperthermia (in isolated cases), associated with hypercatabolic processes in skeletal muscle and a sharp increase in oxygen consumption, manifested by muscle stiffness, tachycardia, increased respiratory movements, cyanosis, arrhythmia, blood pressure instability, increased inorganic fluorine concentration in plasma, increased CSF pressure (eliminated by hyperventilation), decreased partial pressure and oxygen , hyperkalemia, base deficiency impaired renal function (in isolated cases).

The drug interaction of

enhances the effect of muscle relaxants (mostly non-depolarizing),

in combination with nitric oxide reduces the minimum alveolar concentration.


In the event of an overdose, it is necessary to discontinue the drug, check for airways, and, depending on the clinical situation, continue auxiliary or controlled oxygenation with pure oxygen.

Carry out activities to maintain adequate hemodynamics.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not higher than 30 ° C (do not freeze).


5 years.

Deystvuyuschee substances


Pharmacy terms of delivery


dosage form

dosage form

solution for inhalation

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