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Pharmacological action of

Xylazine hydrochloride, which is part of xylanite, is an antagonist of central ОІ 2 -adrenoreceptors, has a calming, muscle relaxation and analgesic effect, stimulates both central and peripheral alpha receptors. When administered parenterally, it causes a rapid onset of dissociated anesthesia. After intramuscular or subcutaneous administration, the onset of xylanite occurs in 5 to 20 minutes, with intravenous administration – after 1 – 5 minutes. The duration of the calming effect varies from 30 minutes to 5 hours in cattle, from 30 minutes to 1 hour in horses, from 1 to 2 hours in small pets. The analgesic effect persists in cattle up to 45 minutes, in small animals – from 15 to 30 minutes, in horses, the duration varies from 5 to 20 minutes depending on the dosage and individual sensitivity of the body. The muscle relaxation effect in animals occurs in 20 to 50 minutes. Xylazine hydrochloride enhances the action of tranquilizers, cataleptic and anesthetics, as a result of which it should be used with caution with drugs of these groups. Xylanite in terms of the impact on the body of warm-blooded animals refers to moderately hazardous substances, in recommended doses does not have a locally irritating and sensitizing effect.


Assign to farm animals, dogs and cats for the purpose of sedation, analgesia and muscle relaxation during clinical examinations, X-ray studies, to immobilize anxious and aggressive animals, including during transportation, as a means of sedation during surgical interventions, painful manipulations as well as for general anesthesia.


Hypersensitivity to the drug. The use of xylanite to females in the last third of pregnancy is prohibited, due to the oxytocin-like effect on the uterus, except in cases of obstetric aid. It is not allowed to use the drug in animals with mechanical damage to the gastrointestinal tract (blockage of the esophagus, gastric inversion, hernia), as well as with a history of cardiac muscle conduction. Xylanite should be administered with caution to animals with lung disease.

Special instructions

Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed 5 days after the last use of xylanite. Meat of animals forced to be killed before the expiration of the specified period can be used as feed for fur animals. Milk of dairy animals within 4 days after the use of xylanite is forbidden to use for food purposes, it can be used to feed animals after heat treatment.


Xylanite is a medicine in the form of an injection solution containing 20 mg of xylazine hydrochloride in 1 ml of active ingredient, as well as auxiliary components.

Side effects of

In some animals, after the use of xylanite, a short-term decrease in blood pressure, increased heart rate and respiratory movements may occur, these symptoms disappear spontaneously and usually do not require additional medical intervention. In case of severe respiratory failure, the animal is given a chest massage to restore normal breathing. In cattle, high doses of xylanite can cause hypersalivation. When performing operations in cattle in the lateral or dorsal position, the chest should be supported and, if possible, the head and neck should be tilted to prevent aspiration with saliva or scar fluid. The use of atropine sulfate helps to reduce increased salivation. In order to prevent vomiting in dogs and cats, it is necessary to keep the animals on a hungry diet for 6 to 24 hours before the use of xylanite. In case of overdose and respiratory arrest, the animal is advised to shower with cold water and artificial respiration. Specific antidotes of xylazine hydrochloride are alpha-adrenoreceptor blockers – yohimbine, tolazoline or atipamezole, which are used in animals in accordance with the instructions.

Storage conditions

In a dry place protected from direct sunlight and inaccessible to children and animals at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C.

Shelf life

3 years, after opening the bottle – no more than 28 days.

Active ingredient


Dosage form


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