Turpentine zhyvychn y | Terpentine oil purified 100 ml

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Provides local irritating, distracting (analgesic) and antiseptic (disinfecting) effects. The distracting effect is associated with the ability of turpentine (as well as other essential oils) to penetrate the epidermis (surface layer of the skin) and cause reflex changes in the body as a result of irritation of the skin receptors. A certain role is also played by the release of biologically active substances from the skin, in particular, histamine.

Latin name

Oleum Terebinthinae rectificatum

Release form

Bottle 40 ml.

Pharmacological action

local irritating, distracting (analgesic) and antiseptic.


neuralgia, myositis, lumbar ischalgia, rheumatism.


Lesions of the parenchyma (structural and functional elements) of the liver and kidneys.


is an essential oil obtained by distillation of gum from common pine.

A clear, colorless, mobile liquid with a characteristic odor and a burning taste.

Insoluble in water, soluble in 12 parts of alcohol. Miscible in all ratios with ether, chloroform, benzene.

Dosage and administration of

externally for rubbing in the form of ointments and liniment, sometimes for inhalation with putrefactive bronchitis and other lung diseases.

Side effects

allergic reactions possible.

Storage conditions

In a cool, dark place.

Use the expiration date

no later than the date indicated on the package.

Prescription conditions from

pharmacies Without prescription

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