Troxerutin | Troxerutin DS gel 2% 40 g

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Pharmacological action

Troxerutin – a venotonic, angioprotective agent, bioflavonoid.

Reduces the permeability and fragility of capillaries, strengthens the vascular wall, improves microcirculation, has a decongestant effect.

Participates in redox processes, blocks cell wall hyaluronic acid.

Increases the density of the vascular wall, reduces the exudation of the liquid part of the plasma and the diapedesis of blood cells.

Reduces inflammation in the vascular wall, limiting platelet adhesion to its surface.

The use of troxerutin is possible both at the initial and late stages of treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, it is possible to use it as one of the components of complex treatment.


Chronic venous insufficiency with manifestations such as static heaviness in the legs, leg ulcers, trophic skin lesions

varicose veins, superficial thrombophlebitis, periphlebitis, phlebothrombosis, varicose dermatitis, post-thrombotic hemorrhoids, hemorrhagic hemorrhoids, post-thrombotic hemorrhoids, hemorrhagic hemorrhoids, post-thrombotic hemorrhoids, hemorrhagic hemorrhoids, post-thrombotic hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, post-thrombotic hemorrhoids, diathesis with increased permeability of capillaries, capillarotoxicosis (including with measles, scarlet fever, flu), diabetic microangiopathy, retinopathy, side vascular effects of

radiation therapy as a prophylactic after vein surgery.


Active ingredient:

troxerutin 20 mg.

Dosage and administration of

Troxerutin is applied topically.

Locally used 2% gel, which is applied evenly with a thin layer in the morning and evening on the affected area from the distal to the proximal part, gently rubbing until completely absorbed into the skin.

Gel can be applied under an occlusive dressing.

Side effects

Allergic reactions (skin rash).

Active ingredient


Terms of delivery from pharmacies

Without a prescription


For pregnant women II and III trimester as prescribed by a doctor, Adults

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