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Latin name

Tobrex 2X

Release form

Eye drops


In a plastic dropper bottle, 5 ml drops. In packing 1 bottle dropper.


Infections of the eye and its appendages:






postoperative lymphocytic disease


Individual hypersensitivity to Tobrex 2X components.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

There is no sufficient experience with Tobrex 2X during pregnancy and lactation. The use of the drug during pregnancy, during lactation is possible in the case when the expected therapeutic effect exceeds the potential risk to the fetus and child.


1 ml eye drops contains:

active ingredients: tobramycin 3 mg

excipients: xanthan gum, mannitol, boric acid, trometamol, polysorbate 80, benzododecinium bromide, sulfuric acid and / or sodium hydroxide (for adjusting purified water

Dosage and Administration


Before each use, flip the closed vial and shake it once. There is no need to shake the bottle more than once.

Instill 1 drop of the drug in the conjunctival sac twice a day (morning and evening) for a week.

In the case of acute severe infectious process on the first day, the drug is instilled 1 drop four times a day, then 1 drop twice a day until the completion of the course of treatment.

Side effects

Local reactions

In some cases (1.5%) an allergic reaction develops, accompanied by itching, conjunctival hyperemia, lacrimation.

In 1% of cases, erythema and swelling of the eyelids, swelling of the conjunctiva, a feeling of discomfort in the eye are noted.

With topical administration of tobramycin, a burning sensation and sensation of a foreign body in the eye may occur.

In less than 1% of cases blepharitis, keratitis, eye pain, chemosis, deposition of crystals, ulceration of the cornea are observed.

Drug Interaction

In the case of co-administration of tobramycin topically with systemic aminoglycoside antibiotics, systemic side effects may increase.


Overdose is unlikely when used topically.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of 5 to 25 ° C.


2 years. After opening the vial, the drug should be used within 4 weeks.

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