thiamethoxam | Agita WG insecticide granules Elanco 400 g (BET)

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Thiamethoxam, which is part of the drug, belongs to the group of neonicotinoids. Thiamethoxam has a contact and intestinal insecticidal effect against flies, fleas and cockroaches. Thiamethoxam blocks nicotine-acetylcholine receptors of postsynaptic membranes of nerve cells, which leads to the death of insects. The drug is active against insects, resistant to organophosphorus insecticides, pyrethroids and carbamates. Tricosen, the sexual pheromone of flies, attracts insects to the places of application of the drug. The action of Agita 10 WG begins 3 to 5 minutes after the contact of insects with the drug. According to the degree of exposure to the organism of warm-blooded animals, Agita 10 WG is a low-hazard substance, in the recommended concentrations it does not have a locally irritating and sensitizing effect. The drug is toxic to fish and bees.


10% insecticide 10 g insecticide 10 g pheromone flies) in an amount of 0.05%, as well as lactose and sugar.

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    Works as good as stuff from UK pharmacy, it’s just a different brand

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    Very good product excellent value super fast shipping

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