The vaccine for the prevention of rubella | Rubella vaccine live culture lyoph. for solution for s /c input. 0.5 ml /dose ampoule 1

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Pharmacological action

Live attenuated vaccine for the prevention of rubella. The attenuated vaccine virus (strain Wistar RA 27 / 3M) is cultured on human diploid cells.

Specific immunity develops within 15 days after vaccination and, according to available data, lasts at least 20 years.



Acute infectious and non-communicable diseases, exacerbation of chronic diseases vaccination should be carried out not earlier than 1 month after recovery.

Immunodeficiency malignant blood diseases and neoplasms. When prescribing immunosuppressants and radiation therapy, vaccinations are carried out 12 months after the end of treatment.

Severe reaction (temperature rise above 40 ° C, edema, hyperemia> 8 cm in diameter at the injection site) or complication of the previous dose of the vaccine.

Note: HIV-infected children may be immunized with the rubella vaccine.

Special instructions

Effective contraceptive methods should be used by women of childbearing age at least 2 months after vaccination.

The use of this vaccine in women in the early stages of an pregnancy that has not yet been established is not an indication for terminating this pregnancy.

The decision to vaccinate a child born to an HIV-infected mother and determine her immune status is postponed until the age of 9-10 months, because maternal IgG that cross the placenta can persist in the blood of a child up to the age of 14 months. If after a specified period the child is recognized as HIV-infected, then a medical consultation is required to resolve the issue of vaccination. If the child is recognized as uninfected, routine vaccination is performed.

Rubella (live) vaccine can be given together with other vaccines. The most widely used combination vaccine is for the prevention of measles, mumps and rubella.

Due to the possible inactivation of the vaccine strain with serum antibodies, vaccination is not carried out for 6 weeks (if possible, for 3 months) after administration of immunoglobulins or other blood products, and also after administration of the vaccine for 2 weeks, immunoglobulins are not used.

After vaccination, the tuberculin test may be false negative for some time.

Composition of

The vaccination dose of the vaccine contains at least 1000 TCD 50 of the rubella virus.

Dosage and administration of

Use in the National Preventive Vaccination Calendar: first vaccination at 12 months

second vaccination at 6 years old

Single vaccination of previously unvaccinated and non-rubella girls 13 years old or girls who received only one vaccination.

Single vaccination of girls and non-pregnant women of childbearing age who have not been vaccinated and have not had rubella for the prevention of congenital rubella of the fetus.

Single vaccination of young men and men according to epidemiological indications in limited collectives.

The vaccine must be diluted only with the supplied solvent (water for injection) using a sterile syringe and needle with gentle shaking. The dissolution time of the vaccine is -1 min. The dissolved preparation is a clear liquid of light yellow color.

It is recommended to use the vaccine immediately after dilution. It is allowed to store the dissolved vaccine in multi-dose packaging in a dark place at a temperature of 2-8 ° C for no more than 8 hours.

A single dose (0.5 ml) must be administered deeply subcutaneously in the shoulder area.

Side effects

At the injection site, short-term hyperemia, edema and compaction may develop accompanied by soreness. In some vaccinees, the vaccine can cause the following adverse reactions of varying severity: rash, cough, runny nose, malaise, headache, nausea, lymphadenopathy (an increase in mainly the occipital and posterior cervical lymph nodes), a short-term increase in temperature to subfebrile values, a higher temperature is rare.

Those vaccinated in post-puberty may have arthralgia or arthritis, and in rare cases, polynervitis. All these reactions are characterized by a short-term course and pass without treatment.

Storage conditions

The vaccine is stored and transported at a temperature of +2 ° to +8 ° C in a dark place. Freezing is not allowed.

Shelf life

2 years

active substance

vaccine for the prevention of rubella

lekarstvennaja form

Solution for


Prescribed children Racha

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