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Latin name

Tetracyclini unguentrum

Release form

Eye ointment.


Tube 5 g.

Pharmacological action of

Antimicrobial, antibacterial (bacteriostatic). It disrupts the formation of a complex between transport RNA and the ribosome, which leads to impaired protein synthesis. It is characterized by a wide spectrum of action. Active against most gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms, affects spirochetes, leptospira, rickettsia, large viruses.

It penetrates well into various organs and tissues, as well as biological fluids: bile, synovial, ascitic, cerebrospinal, selectively accumulates in bones, liver, spleen, tumors, teeth. Passes through the placenta and into breast milk. It is not exposed to metabolism. Excreted by the kidneys and bile.


Actinomycosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, brucellosis, conjunctivitis, urinary tract infections, gingivitis, stomatitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, sinusitis, psittacosis, fever, Rocky Mountain, Q fever, syphilis, trachoma, dysentery, tonsillitis, whooping cough, scarlet fever, gonorrhea, tularemia, typhoid, bacterial endocarditis, purulent meningitis, cholecystitis, infections of the skin and soft tissues.


Hypersensitivity, impaired liver and kidney function, pregnancy, breast-feeding (breast-feeding is stopped during treatment), children (up to 8 years).

Composition of

1 g of ointment contains venom of common viper 0.05 MED, salicylic acid 10 mg, camphor 30 mg, turpentine drewfdfpfdfpf 30 mg 1 g of ointment contains:

Active ingredient:

10 mg of diclofenac sodium


-polyethylene oxide-400,

polyethylene oxide-4000,

1,2-propylene glycol,


npazol pdazol pdazol pgdr01 contains:

active substance: tetracycline – 10.0 mg

adjuvant lax substances: anhydrous lanolin – 400.0 mg, petrolatum – up to 1 g. Note: the amount of tetracycline for a drug with an activity of 975 Ојg / mg is 10.256 mg. In case of greater activity of the drug, it is accordingly reduced.

Dosage and administration

Intraconjunctival, 3-5 times a day.

Side effects

Dyspeptic symptoms, liver and kidney damage, pancreatitis, dizziness, photophobia, uneven gait, pigmentation of the skin, mucous membranes, tooth enamel in children, increased intracranial pressure, dysbacteriosis, hypovitaminosis, allergic reactions.

Drug interaction

Antacids, salts of calcium, magnesium, iron, cholestyramine – reduce absorption from the digestive tract. Reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and increases the risk of uterine bleeding, reduces the activity of bactericidal drugs. Increases nephrotoxicity of methoxyflurane. When used together with vitamin A, the risk of developing intracranial hypertension increases.

Terms and conditions


lekarstvennaja form



kp For adults, For children prescribed by a doctor


From arthrosis and arthritis, From migraines, From dyskinesia of bile ducts, From sciatica, From lumbago, From spasms of the gastrointestinal tract, From radiculitis, Colds from glaucoma , Blepharitis

Tatkhimfarmpreparat, Russia

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