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Latin name


Release form

Ophthalmic solution.


Plastic bottles – 10 ml.


removal from the eye of any foreign bodies, dust, chlorinated water

rinsing the eyes after gonioscopy and

tonometry washing out purulent and mucous secretions

eye relaxation after using hard contact lenses

first aid in case of contact with acid or alkalis in the eyes a supportive agent for certain non-infectious inflammations in the connective membranes, chronic conjunctivitis

as a suitable makeup remover.


Individual hypersensitivity.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

May be prescribed to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Composition of

In 1 ml of solution contains:

Main active ingredient: sodium chloride -7 mg

Auxiliary components: benzalkonium chloride – 0.04 mg, disodium edetate dihydrate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, tincture , sodium hydroxide, water.

Dosage and administration

For the supportive treatment of non-infectious inflammation of the conjunctiva or eyelids, it is recommended to instill 2 drops of the drug up to 4x times daily in the conjunctival cavity of the affected eye (s). In case of inflammation, the solution can be used to prepare compresses.

In order to get rid of a foreign body in the eye, the solution is not used until the foreign body is removed and the problem is resolved.

Method of application: Okuflesh is ready to use immediately after opening. You just need to unscrew the protective cap, slightly tilt your head back, turn the bottle upside down and install the required number of drops by pressing on the plastic bottle. The amount of solution needed will depend on the method of use.

The washing of the affected eye in the solution is carried out using the drug by the reset method, which is carried out by long pressing the bottle and holding it.

Side effects

Okuflesh is well tolerated, but sometimes, immediately after applying, there is a passing sensation of light burning. In addition, allergic reactions may occur.


Sometimes side effects may increase.

Storage Conditions

At room temperature away from children, in a darkened location.

Expiration date

The expiration date is indicated on the package. After opening the bottle, Okuflesh must be used for 4 weeks.

dosage form

solution Ophthalmic



blepharitis, keratitis

Unimed F Arma, Slovakia

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