Sodium pikosulfat | Laksigal drops for oral administration 7.5 mg /ml 25 ml

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Release form

Drops for oral administration


Bottle 25 ml.

Pharmacological action

Laksigal – laxative. The active form of the drug, formed by hydrolysis under the influence of intestinal microorganisms, directly excites the nerve structures of the intestinal wall, as a result of which the intestinal contents are accelerated, the absorption of electrolytes and water decreases.

Action occurs 10-12 hours after administration.


After oral administration, it is not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract and does not undergo hepatic-intestinal circulation.


atonic constipation

stool regulation (hemorrhoids, proctitis, anus fissures)

preparation for surgery, instrumental and radiological examinations.


intestinal obstruction

impaired hernia

acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity


abdominal pain (gastrointestinal tract)

dr I trimester)


Caution: lactation.


1 ml contains:

Active ingredient: sodium picosulfate monohydrate (in terms of 100% substance) 7.5 mg

Excipients: sorbitol liquid 70% non-crystallized – 680 mg ethyl parahydroxybenzoate sodium – 0.66 mg hydrochloric acid 35% – to the required amount of water up to – 1 ml

Dosage and administration

Inside, at bedtime, diluted in a small amount of water.

Adults and children over 10 years old – 12-24 drops (5-10 mg).

For children from 4 to 10 years old – 6-12 drops (2.5-5 mg).

Depending on the effect, the dose is increased or decreased in subsequent doses.

Side effects

Possible: diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, disturbances of water-electrolyte balance, weakness, convulsions, decreased blood pressure.

Drug Interactions

May increase sensitivity to cardiac glycosides.

corticosteroids, diuretics increase the risk of electrolyte disturbances.

Broad-spectrum antibiotics reduce the laxative effect.


Symptoms: chronic overdose may develop ischemia of the mucous membrane of the colon, secondary hyperaldosteronism, urolithiasis, damage to the renal tubules.

Treatment: gastric lavage, correction of disturbances in water-electrolyte balance, antispasmodics.

Storage Conditions

At 15-25 ° C (do not freeze).

Term hodnosty

3 years

Prescription conditions from

pharmacies Without prescription

lekarstvennaja form

Drops for pryema inside

Teva Pharmaceutical Enterprise Co., Ltd., Israel

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