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Latin name


Release form

Drops for oral administration


Bottle 30 ml.

Pharmacological action

The drug has a laxative effect. After bacterial cleavage of the active component in the digestive tract, peristalsis is enhanced, electrolytes and water accumulate in the lumen of the colon. The active substance has a stimulating effect on the mucous wall of the colon. The drug helps to soften the stool, stimulates the bowel movement and reduces the time of bowel movement.

Indications for

constipation due to atony and hypotension of the colon (including in the elderly, in bedridden patients, after surgery, after childbirth and during lactation)

constipation caused by taking

drug stool regulation for hemorrhoids, proctitis, anal fissures (to soften the consistency of feces)

gallbladder disease, irritable bowel syndrome with a predominance of constipation

constipation due to intestinal dysbiosis, dietary disorders.


Intestinal obstruction.

Strangulated hernia.

Acute inflammatory diseases of the abdominal organs (including peritonitis).

Pain in the abdomen of unknown origin.

Gastrointestinal bleeding.

Spastic constipation.

Severe dehydration.



Children under 4 years old.

Hypersensitivity to sodium picosulfate and other components of the drug.

Precautions prescribe the drug during lactation.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Contraindicated in pregnancy (I trimester). With caution – lactation.


1 ml drops contains:

Active ingredient: sodium picosulphate 7.5 mg

Excipients: sodium methyl paraoxybenzoate sorbitol 70% purified hydrochloric acid.

Dosage and Administration

Inside. To obtain a laxative effect in the morning, you should take the drug the night before.

The following dosage regimen is recommended: for adults and children over 10 years old – 10–20 drops / day (5–10 mg / day) for children 4–10 years old –– 5–10 drops / day (2.5–5 mg / day) under 4 years – 0.25 mg / kg / day (this corresponds to 1 drop of the drug (0.5 mg sodium picosulfate) / 2 kg / day).

It is recommended that you start with the lowest dose. In order to achieve regular stool, the dose may be increased to the maximum recommended. Do not exceed the maximum recommended daily dose.

The drug does not have to be dissolved in a liquid.

Side effects

From the gastrointestinal tract: discomfort, nausea, vomiting, cramping and pain in the abdomen, diarrhea.

From the nervous system: dizziness and fainting, arising after taking the drug, may be associated with a vasovagal reaction (for example, tension during bowel movements, cramping in the abdomen).

On the part of the immune system: hypersensitivity reactions.

From the skin and subcutaneous tissues: skin reactions (eg, angioedema, skin rash, drug rash, itching).

Drug Interactions

Diuretics or ACS increase the risk of electrolyte balance (hypokalemia) when high doses of Guttalax® are taken.

An electrolyte balance disorder can increase sensitivity to cardiac glycosides.

The combined use of the drug and antibiotics can reduce the debilitating effect of the drug.


Symptoms: Diarrhea, abdominal pain, dehydration, impaired electrolyte balance, weakness, cramps, decreased blood pressure. In addition, in chronic overdose may develop ischemia of the mucous membrane of the colon, secondary hyperaldosteronism, urolithiasis, renal tubular lesions.

Treatment: Gastric lavage, correction of water-electrolyte balance disorders, antispasmodics. Glucocorticosteroids, diuretics increase the risk of electrolyte disorders. Broad-spectrum antibiotics reduce the debilitating effect.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not exceeding 30 ° C (do not freeze).

Keep out of the reach of children.

term life

5 Chron

Deystvuyuschee substances

Sodium pikosulfat

Conditions of supply of pharmacies without a prescription

dosage form

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Beringer Ingelheim, Austria

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