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Pharmacological action

Okutiarz is a solution that helps protect the cornea from external influences. This medicine mimics the properties of a tear and lubricates the surface of the eye, moisturizes it and protects it.


The drug Okutiarz is used in ophthalmic practice with a lack of natural tear fluid. The prescription of the drug is indicated for dry eye surfaces in the following cases: • Sjogren’s syndrome (dry keratoconjunctivitis). • Continuous use of contact lenses. • Damage to the surface of the cornea, erosion of the epithelium, the consequences of surgery on the cornea. • Hormonal disturbances during menopause. • Exposure to the external environment, including cold, wind, smoke, dust, dry air. • Long stay in chlorinated water (in the pool). • Hard work at the computer or a long ride in the car while driving.


An allergic reaction and hypersensitivity to any component is a contraindication to the appointment of the drug Okutiarz.

Special instructions

Do not use if the vial or protective ring is damaged. Do not touch the tip of the dropper to a non-sterile surface, as there is a risk of infection and a violation of sterility. Do not immediately instill other drugs, if necessary, joint instillation should wait at least a five-minute interval. It is forbidden to prescribe Oktiariz for infectious diseases of the eyeballs. In order not to use expired medicine, the date of opening the vial on its surface should be indicated.


The drug Okutiarz is available in the form of eye drops in 10 ml vials. The solution itself is a sterile, transparent, viscoelastic agent that does not contain preservatives. The composition of the drug includes the following components: 0.15% sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, manganese chloride tetrahydrate, sodium hydrogen phosphate, sodium chloride, purified water. To achieve optimal pH (6.8-7, 6) add hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide.

Dosage and administration of

Before the instillation of the drug Okutiarz instill the cap. It is important that after opening the package, the drug is suitable for use no more than six months. After opening, two fingers should be pressed onto the vial and 1 drop of solution should be placed on contact lenses or directly into the conjunctival sac. After this, slightly closed eyelids should be massaged so that the medicine is evenly distributed over the surface of the cornea. The vial should be closed tightly with a cap and stored only in this condition.

Side effects

When using the drug Okutyars immediately after instillation, a temporary decrease in vision and the appearance of discomfort are possible.

Drug Interactions

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active substance

Sodium hyaluronate

Terms and conditions

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Solution ophthalmologic

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