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Release form

eye drops.


15 ml in a vial.

Pharmacological Action

Avizor MOISTURE DROPS are lubricating and moisturizing drops that eliminate symptoms such as irritation, dryness and eye fatigue.

The composition of the drops includes sodium hyaluronate, a natural ingredient that is contained in the vitreous body of the eyes, forming a protective membrane with the ability to bind large amounts of water, as well as preventing dehydration.

Lubricating and moisturizing drops provide your eyes with unprecedented hydration, which in turn provides visual comfort and comfortable wearing contact lenses.

They are designed specifically for contact lens users to eliminate dryness and eye irritation caused by environmental factors.


Recommended for patients with symptoms of dryness and redness of the eyes.

Increase tear film stability and corneal moisture.

Reduce the evaporation of tears.

Minimum preservative concentration.

For all types of contact lenses.


Isotonic, buffered, aqueous solution, Sodium Hyaluronate 0.1%, EDTA 0.1%, Polyhexanide O, 0001%.

Dosage and administration

Directions for use: Wash your hands with soap before using the product.

Direct use: Drop one or two drops in each eye and blink several times.

Indirect use: Before putting on the lenses, drip one or two drops onto the inside of each one.

Use Avizor MOISTURE DROPS as many times as you need.


Expiration after opening the bottle – 60 days.

Dispensing conditions from

pharmacies No prescription

Dosage form

eye drops

Avizor, Spain

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