Sodium chloride | Sodium chloride solution for infusion 0.9% vials 400 ml

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solution for infusion

Pharmacological action

Sodium chloride – detoxification.


It has a detoxifying and rehydrating effect. Replenishes sodium deficiency in various pathological conditions. 0.9% sodium chloride solution is isotonic to human plasma and therefore rapidly excreted from the vascular bed, only temporarily increasing bcc (effectiveness with blood loss and shock is insufficient).


Sodium concentration – 142 mmol / L (plasma) and 145 mmol / L (interstitial fluid), chloride concentration – 101 mmol / L (interstitial fluid). It is excreted by the kidneys.


large loss of extracellular fluid or insufficient intake (toxic dyspepsia, cholera, diarrhea, “indomitable” vomiting, extensive burns with severe exudation, etc. a)

hypochloremia and hyponatremia with dehydration

intestinal obstruction


washing the wounds, eyes, nasal mucosa, dissolving and diluting drugs and moisturizing dressings.






extracellular hyperhydration

intracellular dehydration

circulatory disorders, threatening cerebral and pulmonary edema

cerebral edema

pulmonary edema

acute left ventricular failure

concomitant administration of large doses of corticosteroids.


renal failure

heart failure

oligo- and anuria.


Active ingredients:

sodium chloride 9 g


water for injection – up to 1 l

Dosage and administration

Intravenous drip, externally.

Before administration, the solution is heated to 36–38 ° C. The dose is determined depending on the body’s loss of fluid, Na + and Cl , and averages 1000 ml per day. With large losses of fluid and severe intoxication, up to 3000 ml per day can be administered. The speed of administration – 540 ml per hour, if necessary – the speed of administration is increased.

Children with dehydration, expressed in a decrease in blood pressure (without determining laboratory parameters) are administered 20-30 ml / kg. In the future, the dosage regimen is adjusted depending on laboratory parameters. With long-term administration of large doses of isotonic sodium chloride solution, it is necessary to control the content of electrolytes in plasma and urine.

Isotonic sodium chloride solution is used to wash wounds, eyes, nasal mucosa, moisturize dressings.

Side effects

Acidosis, hyperhydration, hypokalemia.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.

Expiration date

1 year

Active ingredient

Sodium chloride

lekarstvennaja form

Solution for infusion


Adult by appointment, Nursing moms, Children by doctor’s appointment, Pregnant doctor by appointment


for preparing medicaments solutions

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