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Release form

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Fungal nail damage

Prevention of fungal diseases

Strengthening the nail plate.


Not used for children whose age is less than 4 years old

Intolerance to certain components of the drug

Use during pregnancy is undesirable.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation it is not recommended to use the drug during pregnancy and lactation

Special instructions

Mikozan must be used only for external use

Keep your hands and feet dry

For greater effectiveness, you need to use each individual nail file for 1

nail You must thoroughly wipe your fingers after showering, wipe

between the fingers especially thoroughly Disinfect

shoes regularly For fungal infections, use clean and separate

towels. Never bite

nails. Wear only shoes in which your legs can breathe

Wear cotton socks during treatment will be able to maintain freshness of the feet

Regularly trim

nails If the patient regularly sweats his legs,

socks should be changed more often During treatment do not use

nail polish. Use only ind for pedicure or manicure

personal and disposable tools Separate slippers must be used in locker rooms or public showers.

Composition of

The composition of the preparation includes water,

dimethyl isoboside,

rye enzyme filtrate,

hydroxyethyl cellulose,

pentylene glycol,


The kit includes:

Nail ointment (available in a 5 ml tube)

Applicator brush

Disposable nail files – 10 pcs

Instructions – 1 pc.

Diary and templates (optional)

Templates are needed to mark the change in the affected area over time, diary – so as not to forget to carry out the procedure.

Dosage and administration of

The drug must be used only externally. The consistency should be applied to the affected area of ??the nail after careful removal of varnish and peeling of the nail plate. Before applying the ointment to the nail, it should be carefully cleaned with a disposable nail file, which is included in the kit. It is recommended to clean nails with a nail file once a week. Thanks to this application system, the drug is well suited even with the advanced form of the fungus.

After thorough processing of the nails, Mikozan is recommended to be applied to the entire surface of the damaged nail. It is recommended to do this procedure 2 times a day (in the morning and evening). The average duration of treatment is 3-5 weeks. After applying this product, let the nail dry (a couple of minutes is enough).

A separate nail file is required for each nail. To prevent fungus, the medicine must be applied to the nail for 1 week.

Side effects




Drug Interactions

This drug does not have any interaction with other drugs.

Storage conditions

Store at room temperature

Active schee substances

Fyltrat enzyme rzhy

Terms and conditions

without prescription

Serriks, Netherlands

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