Propoksur | Bolfo aerosol for cats and dogs 250 ml

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Pharmacological action

BolfoВ® Aerosol is a German manufacturer of Bayer that helps you protect your dog from ticks and fleas.

– acts on ixodid ticks, perfect for emergency treatment of animals before going out.

– acts on fleas located on the pet and in the environment, which allows you to get rid of already deferred flea larvae that can be anywhere where the pet likes to be (pet bed, rug, furniture)

– properly handle the animal in the fresh air or in a ventilated area. Spray aerosol at a distance of 30-40 cm from the body of the animal, against the growth of hair. When treating the ears and chest, the eyes of the animal are covered. The muzzle is treated with your fingertips (gloved).

– to prevent flea multiplication, treat the litter of the animal with Bolfo spray and, after 1-2 hours, clean the litter with a vacuum cleaner.


Cannot be treated with Bolfo aerosol in patients recovering animals, as well as puppies and kittens up to 3 months of age. Use for pregnant and lactating animals is possible after consultation with a veterinarian.

Recommended use

Animals are treated outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. To prevent licking of the drug, the animals close their jaws with a loop from the braid. Before use, the bottle is shaken and, pressing the spray head, direct a stream of aerosol from a distance of 30 – 40 cm on the body of the animal against hair growth for several seconds, slightly moistening the coat. Covering the eyes of the animal they process the auricles and chest, with the fingertips apply around the eyes and nose, then treat the neck, trunk, limbs, abdomen and tail. 20 minutes after treatment, the jaws of the animal are released from the loop. In order to prevent re-infestation by fleas, bedding, blankets, carpets and other objects in rooms where animals are kept are treated with Bolfo aerosol at the rate of 2 ml of the preparation (four presses on the spray head) per 1 m2 of the treated surface and after 1 to 2 hours they are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner . Repeated processing is carried out according to indications, but not more often 1 – 2 times a week.


Propoxur acts on ixodid ticks, as well as lice, adult fleas and flea larvae in the environment surrounding the pet.

Side effects

With the correct use of the drug are not observed. In case of signs of poisoning (increased salivation, diarrhea, muscle weakness), the use of the drug should be discontinued and veterinary assistance should be given to the animal.

active substance


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