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Pharmacological action

Septo-spray has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. Upon contact of the Septo-spray with the skin and mucous membranes, the iodopovidone complex is gradually destroyed with the release of active iodine, which has a pronounced antimicrobial effect, oxidizing the active groups of bacterial protoplasm proteins, and also causes protein denaturation. Septo-spray is active against all types of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa). There is no drug resistance. When applying a Septo-spray to the skin, a temporary slight staining of the skin in light yellow occurs. The drug has low toxicity for warm-blooded animals, in the recommended doses it does not have a locally irritating and sensitizing effect.


Assign to animals for topical treatment of aseptic and infected wounds, degree 1 and 2 burns, eczema and dermatitis, inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx, as well as for the treatment of the operative and injection fields.


Increased individual sensitivity to iodine preparations. It is forbidden to use Septo-spray together with other antiseptic and disinfectants for external use.


Septo-spray – a drug in the form of a solution for external use in 1 ml contains 0 active ingredient, 03 g of iodopovidone (0.3% active iodine), as well as glycerin, citric acid monohydrate, sodium phosphate disubstituted 12-water and water for injection.

Dosage and administration

The drug is intended for external use. Before use, it is recommended to shake the Septo-spray bottle. In the treatment of aseptic and infected wounds, burns of 1 and 2 degrees, eczema and dermatitis, Septo-spray is applied to the affected areas of the skin by spraying from a distance of 10 – 20 cm from the surface to its visual coating with a drug 1 – 2 times a day for 5 – 10 days. If necessary, before using the drug, a wound toilet is carried out. Treatment of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx is carried out by applying the drug by double-clicking on the spray nozzle on both sides of the oral cavity and pharynx (left and right) 2 to 3 times a day for 5 to 10 days. Before spraying, it is recommended to rinse the mucous membranes with warm boiled water. Do not drink and feed the animal for 30 minutes after applying the Septo-spray. The treatment of the surgical and injection fields is carried out by spraying the drug from a distance of 10 – 20 cm to visual coverage of the prepared skin area. Processing is carried out twice, allowing the treated surface to dry.

Storage conditions

Precautions on List B. In a dry, dark place and out of the reach of children and animals, at a temperature of 0 to 25 ° C.

Expiration date

18 months.

active substance


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