Memantine | Memaneurin drops for oral administration 10 mg /ml 50 ml

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Latin name


Release form

Drops for oral administration in the form of a clear, colorless or slightly yellowish solution.


50 ml – dark glass bottles with dropper (1) – packs of cardboard.

Pharmacological action

Memantine – a drug that improves brain metabolism, used to treat dementia has a muscle relaxant effect. It has nootropic, cerebrovasodilating, antihypoxic, neuroprotective and psychostimulating action.

Being a non-competitive antagonist, N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, has a modulating effect on the glutamatergic system. It regulates ion transport blocks calcium channels, normalizes membrane potential, improves the transmission of nerve impulses, improves cognitive processes, memory and learning ability, enhancesGives daily activity.


– Alzheimer’s type of dementia

– vascular dementia

– mixed dementia of all degrees of severity.


– severe renal and hepatic impairment

– pregnancy

– breastfeeding

– children under 18 years of age (due to insufficient data)

– hypersensitivity to the drug.

Precautions: prescribe the drug for thyrotoxicosis, epilepsy, seizures (including a history), myocardial infarction, heart failure.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Memaneurin is contraindicated in pregnancy. If necessary, the use of Memaneirin during lactation should decide on the termination of breastfeeding. In experimental studies conducted on animals, it is shown that Memaneirin does not have embryotoxic and teratogenic effects.


1 ml memantine hydrochloride 10 mg

Dosage and administration

Installed individually. It is recommended to start treatment with the appointment of minimally effective doses.

The daily dose is evenly divided into several doses throughout the day. The drug should be taken with meals, the last dose is recommended to be taken before dinner.

Adults are prescribed the drug during the 1st week of therapy at a dose of up to 5 mg / day (12 drops), during the 2nd week – at a dose of up to 10 mg / day (24 drops), during the 3rd week – 15-20 mg / day (36-48 drops).

If necessary, a further weekly increase in dose of 10 mg is possible until a daily dose of 30 mg (72 drops) is reached.

The estimated maintenance dose is 10-20 mg / day (24-48 drops).

Drug Interaction

When used with levodopa, dopamine agonists, anticholinergic agents, the action of the latter may be enhanced. When used with barbiturates, the neuroleptics of the latter may decrease. When used together, it can change (enhance or decrease) the action of dantrolene or baclofen, so the doses of the drugs should be selected individually. Concurrent administration with amantadine, ketamine, and dexamethophan should be avoided. Plasma levels of cimetidine, procainamide, quinidine, quinine and nicotine may be increased when co-administered with memantine. Hydrochlorothiazide may be reduced when taken with memantine.


Symptoms: The manifestation of these side effects may increase.

Treatment: gastric lavage, activated charcoal intake if necessary carry out symptomatic therapy.

Storage conditions

In a dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.


2 years.

Deystvuyuschee substances


Dosage form

Dosage form


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