Hyaluronat sodium | Giruan One synovial prosthesis 3 ml syringe 1pc

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The main active ingredient in Hyruan One is hyaluronic acid.

It is an essential component of synovial fluid, which serves as a natural joint lubricant. If the amount of sodium hyaluronate decreases, the liquid becomes too liquid and not sufficiently viscous.

During movements, the joints rub against each other, the cartilage tissue becomes thinner. The formation of effusion is possible, causing internal edema and lowering the viscosity of the synovial fluid. The patient’s temperature rises, inflammation of the cartilage tissue may begin, accelerating its deformation.

When the quality and quantity of synovial fluid deteriorates, the patient experiences constant discomfort. The joints are swollen, sore, aching. Each movement causes inconvenience, the patient tries to reduce activity, which leads to a gradual atrophy of the joint.

The process becomes irreversible, as a result, you have to resort to surgery and replace the damaged area with a prosthesis.

When hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the joint, a viscous substance instantly enters the synovial fluid and improves its composition.

The concentration of the drug is gradually increasing, the effectiveness remains for several weeks after the injection. Introduced sodium hyaluronate: reduces amortization of the joints secretion of effusion ceases swelling subsides graduallyself-produced synovial fluid is normalized.

Efficacy lasts up to 6 months and longer, if necessary, repeat the treatment.


Hyruan One is prescribed for arthrosis and arthritis of the joints:

of the knee, thigh, shoulder, elbow, ankle.

It is recommended to use it in the treatment of limbs experiencing increased stress.

Most often, Giruan injections are done in the knees or ankle.

The drug accelerates recovery after surgery, can be used after injuries and increased stress.

The medicine improves the quality and quantity of synovial fluid, prevents further joint deformation and resolution of cartilage tissue. The tool is well absorbed by the body.


It is not recommended for use with: hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate lesions and skin diseases in the area of ​​pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is forbidden to administer the medicine in any area except periarticular.

Directions for use

The medicine is injected into the synovial space using the syringe and needle included in the kit. If the drug was stored in the refrigerator, it is warmed in the hands to room temperature before the injection. The blister with a syringe is carefully opened and immediately used. Do not store the syringe in damaged packaging.

Introduction of an injection of hyaluronic acid Before the injection, the skin is wiped with an alcohol-containing liquid. If there is effusion, it is removed using a syringe and a needle. The drug should be injected only by a medical professional, an independent injection will do more harm than good. The drug is administered slowly, the entire contents of the syringe is used in one go. When injecting, it is important not to inject the medicine into the muscle and not to touch the blood vessel.

After the injection, the patient should observe complete rest for several hours. In the coming days, increased loads should be avoided. If treatment for 2 or more joints is necessary, a separate syringe is taken for each.

In case of swelling or pain, an ice pack can be put on the injection site. If the drug is administered for the first time, medical monitoring is necessary during the first days after the injection.

Special instructions

During the injection and immediately after it, pain, swelling at the injection site, burning, itching, and redness of the skin are possible.

In some cases, temporary limb numbness or local edema is noted.

In case of an overdose or allergic reaction, urticaria, fever, nausea, headache, and dizziness are observed.

Unpleasant symptoms disappear within 48 hours after the injection.

If an allergic reaction occurs, the patient is prescribed antihistamines or injections.

In order to avoid a negative reaction, it is not recommended to use Giruan simultaneously with other drugs based on hyaluronic acid.


Hyruan One is a clear, odorless, transparent gel with a slightly viscous texture.

Composition includes sodium hyaluronate and butanediol diglycidyl ether.

Storage conditions

Store an unopened syringe in a cool, dark place, away from food, excluding children and pets.

The packaging can be placed in the lower compartment of the refrigerator to prevent freezing.


The product can be used within 2 years from the date indicated on the package.

active substance

Hyaluronate Sodium

Discontinuation conditions from

pharmacies Prescription

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