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Release form

Synovial fluid prosthesis


1 syringe

Pharmacological action

Restores viscoelastic properties of synovial fluid.


For symptomatic treatment of osteoarthrosis. Suplazin® has shown its benefits in the treatment of osteoarthritis to eliminate pain and improve the physical function of the joints.

You can treat more than one joint at a time.


Do not administer to patients with established hypersensitivity reactions.

Follow normal precautions and contraindications for any intra-articular injection.

Do not inject intravascularly.

Special instructions

The patient should be at rest for 24-48 hours after the injection and avoid any physical activity during the entire course of treatment.

Short-term transient pain may occur after intra-articular injection. An appropriate joint may show a mild local reaction, such as pain, burning sensation, overheating, redness, effusion, irritation, and swelling / inflammation. In the event of such symptoms, ensure that the corresponding joint is still and apply ice locally.

In most patients, these symptoms disappear within a few days. In some cases, namely with increased sensitivity, mild local reactions such as pain, irritation, swelling / inflammation of the joint and effusion can be significantly longer and more severe. In such cases, therapeutic measures may be required, for example, aspiration of synovial fluid.

Local adverse reactions may be accompanied by general reactions of the body, such as fever, chills, or reactions from the cardiovascular system, and in rare cases, anaphylactic reactions.


1 syringe (6 ml) contains:

Active ingredient: sodium salt of hyaluronic acid 60 mg

Excipients: up to 6 ml sodium chloride solution and phosphate buffer solution.

Dosage and administration

Suplazin 1-SHOT, 6 ml is intended for single administration.

The patient should be at rest for 24–48 hours after the injection and avoid pronounced physical activity throughout the course of treatment. After intra-articular injection, a weak local reaction may occur: short-term pain, fever, feeling of heat, redness, articular effusion, irritation, swelling / inflammation. If these symptoms occur, it is recommended to relieve the affected joint and apply ice topically. As a rule, these symptoms disappear on their own within a few days.

Injection technique

Remove the syringe blister from the carton. Make sure that there is no damage or damage to the integrity of the blister. Open the blister by taking the “paper” by the “tongue”.

Remove the rubber cap of the syringe adapter and connect to the needle of the required caliber (the needle must be prepared in advance taking into account the characteristics of the patient, it is recommended that the needle be 21–25 G depending on the joint).

Make sure the needle / adapter is firmly connected. The graduation on the syringe is used only as a volume indicator.

Introduce the drug according to standard intra-articular injection practice. For ease of administration, the syringe is equipped with a palm rest. The piston stroke is smooth, without jerking.

Storage conditions

At 4–25 ° C. Do not freeze!

Shelf life

3 years

Pharmacy terms


lekarstvennaja form

suspensions for

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