Hramytsydyn C hlyukamynopropylkarbakrydon | Anandine injection for 10% 2 ml ampoules (BET) 3 pcs

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Pharmacological action

The active principle of the drug anandine is a synthetic low molecular weight cytokine inducer. Anandine has an exceptionally broad spectrum of biological effects. The drug is highly active against almost all classes of DNA and RNA genomic viruses, as well as staph infections and a number of fungal infections. Anandine is recommended first of all, as a specific antiviral drug for the treatment of severe viral infections of various localization (dermatropic, neurotropic, pneumotropic and pantropic viruses), as well as infections associated with immunodeficiency states. After intramuscular administration, anandine quickly penetrates the blood, reaching a maximum level after 0.5 hours. The drug has the property of stimulating the formation of T and B cells of the animal’s immune system, i.e., exhibiting antiviral activity, by increasing the body’s immune defense. The drug accelerates regenerative processes, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Anandine is excreted unchanged from the body after 16 to 20 hours. Not toxic, does not cause allergic reactions.


Treatment and prevention of all forms of carnivore plague, canine parvovirus infection, canine viral hepatitis and other viral diseases. Treatment of complications caused by bacterial flora in animals undergoing severe viral diseases. To accelerate regenerative processes, and in violation of the body’s immune defense.


Severe renal failure.

Special instructions

The use of Anandine does not preclude the use of other medicines. Personal preventive measures When working with Anandin, the general rules of personal hygiene and safety precautions provided for when working with medicines should be observed. It is forbidden to use vials from Anandin for domestic and food purposes.


1 ml glucaminopropylcarbacridone (anandine) 100 mg Excipients: methylene blue, water d / u.

Dosage and administration

In sick dogs, the drug is administered intramuscularly at a dose of 20 mg per 1 kg of animal weight (0.2 ml per 1 kg of weight), regardless of age, once a day. The course of treatment is 3 days in a row, with delayed treatment, the period can be extended to 4 to 6 days. Together with anandine, antibiotics, sulfonamides, hormones and serums can be used.

Side effects

With proper use and dosage, side effects are usually not observed.

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