Homeopatycheskyy composition | Coenzyme compositum solution for in /mouse. dosing 2.2 ml ampoules ind.up. 5 pieces.

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Product form

solution for intramuscular injection, homeopathic. 2.2 ml in ampoules of colorless glass of hydrolytic class 1. A notch and a colored dot are applied to each ampoule. 5 ampoules are placed in an open plastic blister strip packaging. 1 or 20 open plastic blister packs with 5 or 100 ampoules are placed together with instructions for use in a cardboard pack.


5 ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Homeopathic remedy


The drug is used in the complex treatment of disorders of redox processes in the body with hypovitaminosis, increased physical and mental stress, chronic diseases of the joints and spine, respiratory system, genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract.


Hypersensitivity to the drug, age (up to 18 years, due to insufficient clinical data).

Use during pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and lactation, the drug can be used only after prior consultation with a doctor.

Special instructions

When taking homeopathic medicines, existing symptoms (initial worsening) may temporarily worsen. In this case, you should stop taking the drug and consult your doctor.

In the absence of a therapeutic effect, as well as the appearance of side effects not described in the instructions, you should consult a doctor.

Composition of

1 ampoule (2.2 ml): Active ingredients: Coenzym A (Coenzyme A) D8 22 ?l, Acidum ascorbicum (Acidum ascorbicum) D6 22 ?l, Thiaminum hydrochloricum (Thiaminum hydrochloricum) D6 22 ?l, Natloficum phosphoricum phosphorumum Sodium riboflavinum phosphoricum) D6 22 ?l, Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum (Pyridoxinum hydrochloricum) D6 22 ?l, Nicotinamidum (Nicotinamidum) D6 22 ?l, Acidum cis-aconiticum (Acidum cis-aconiticum) D8 22 ?l, Acidum citricum (Acidum citricum) D8 22 ?l, Acidum fumaricum (Acidum fumaricum) D8 22 ?l (Acidum alpha-ketum ketoglutaricum) D8 22 ?l, Acidum malicum (Acidum malicum) D8 22 ?l, Acidum succinicum (Acidum succinicum) D8 22 ?l, Barium oxalsuccinicum (Barium oxalsuccinum) D10 22 ?l, Natrium diethyloxalaceticumumumumrium 6 Natrium dietumrium 6 Natrium dumrium 6 Natrium pyruvicum) D8 22 ?l, Cysteine ??(Cysteine) D6 22 ?l, Pulsatilla pratensis (Pulsatilla pratensis) D6 22 ?l, Hepar sulfuris (Hepar sulfuris) D10 22 ?l, Sulfur (Sulfur) D10 22 ?l, Adenosintriphosphate-Dinatrium ntrifosfat-Dinatrium) D10 22 .mu.l, Nadidum (Nadidum) D8 22 .mu.l, Manganum phosphoricum (Manganum fosforikum) D6 22 .mu.l, Magnesium oroticum dihydricum (Magnesium oroticum dihydricum) D6 22 ?l, Cerium oxalicum (Zerium oxalicum) D8 22 ?l, Acidum DL-alpha-liponicum (Acidum DL-alpha-liponicum) D6 22 ?l, Beta vulgaris conditiva 22 ?l Auxiliary components: water for injection 1628 mg, sodium chloride to establish isotonia.

Dosage and administration of

The drug is prescribed for adults intramuscularly at 1 ampoule 1-3 times a week. The course of treatment is 2-8 weeks. An increase in the duration of the course of treatment is possible as directed by a doctor.

Side effects

Allergic reactions possible.

Drug Interactions

Prescribing complex homeopathic medicines does not preclude the use of other medicines used for this disease.

Storage Conditions

In a dry, dark place at 15 ° C to 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children.


5 years.

active substance

homeopathic composition

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In retseptu

dosage form

solution for injection

Heely, Germany

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