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Release form

Available as a gel for external use in a 15 g tube.

Pharmacological action

Dermatics is a silicone gel to prevent scar formation immediately after wound healing and correction of immature protruding scars.

Dermatics is a clear, quick-drying gel that helps maintain even skin hydration, and has a corrective effect on scars resulting from injuries, burns, surgical interventions and other skin lesions.

Dermatics has the ability to smooth and soften protruding scars, relieve soreness, itching and discomfort associated with them, as well as reduce redness of the skin.

Dermatics is easy to apply on all skin areas, including the face, joints and folds, dries quickly and forms an invisible protective “film”.


Dermatics gel is used to treat and prevent the formation of hypertrophic and keloid scars (after surgery, burns or other injuries) in the early stages immediately after wound healing.

Also, the gel can be used for protruding immature red scars that are in the process of formation and up to 2 years after the closure of the wound.


Gel should not be used on open, unhealed wounds.

Avoid contact with the gel on the mucous membrane and on areas of the skin that are in close proximity to the eyes.

Do not apply Dermatics on top of any dermatological products without consulting your doctor.


Dermatics consists of a mixture of polymer organosilicon compounds (polysiloxanes).

Dosage and administration

Remove the tube cap and cut off the tip.

Dermatics gel should be applied 2 times a day (morning and evening), following the instructions below:

Wash the treated area with water, blot dry. Dermatix should be applied only to clean and dry skin.

Gently massage a small amount of gel into the scar with gentle massage movements. If too much gel is applied, the excess should be removed with a napkin so as not to stain the clothes.

After the Dermatics gel is completely dry, you can apply cosmetics.

The minimum duration of the prophylactic course is at least 2 months, with complicated scarring, longer use may be required.

Dermatics may be used in pediatrics.

Side effects of

In rare cases, application of the gel may cause redness, pain, or irritation to the skin. If this bothers you, or you notice that other undesirable manifestations are developing, seek the advice of your doctor.

Drug Interactions Drug Interactions

Storage conditions

Keep out of the reach of children! Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C, away from heat sources. Do not use after the expiration date printed on the package.

expiration date

3 ranges year


gel for drug zhnogo application

Hanson Medikal, Ink., Switzerland

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