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Colorless transparent.

Release form

Gel for external use 1%. 20 g or 50 g in aluminum tubes. Each tube, together with instructions for medical use of the drug, is placed in a cardboard pack.


In 1 aluminum tube 20 g of gel. In a cardboard bundle 1 tube.

The pharmacological action of

The antiallergic effect of Psilo-Balsam® is associated with the presence of diphenhydramine hydrochloride in its composition, which is a blocker of H1-histamine receptors and, as a result, quickly reduces itching, reduces pain, hyperemia, reduces the increased permeability of capillaries, causes tissue edema, and causes tissue swelling. due to which Psilo-Balm® has a pleasant cooling effect. A special gel base protects the skin and leaves no visible residue.


Sunburn and burns of I degree insect bites urticaria skin itching of various origins (except for itching with cholestasis): itching dermatoses, eczema, chickenpox, allergic skin irritations, contact dermatitis caused by contact with plants.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Use the drug with caution in pregnancy.

It is recommended that you stop breastfeeding during the treatment period.


1 g of gel contains: active substance: diphenhydramine hydrochloride – 10.0 mg excipients: cetylpyridinium chloride – 1.0 mg, macrogol glyceryl caprylocaprate – 150.0 mg, polyacrylic acid – 12.0 mg, trometamol – 22.2 mg, water – up to 1 g.

Dosage and Administration

Externally. For adults and children over 2 years of age, Psilo-Balsam® is applied to the affected areas of the skin (3-5 cm long gel strip per palm-sized lesion area) 3-4 times a day and distribute it with light massaging movements.

Side effects

Rarely – skin hypersensitivity reactions (eczema, contact dermatitis). With external use of the drug, no side effects of a systemic nature were noted.

Drug Interaction

No interaction or incompatibility with other medicinal products has been reported with external forms of diphenhydramine.


Symptoms: redness, moderate swelling of the area of ​​the skin on which the drug was applied.

Treatment: Wash with water the area of ​​skin on which the drug was applied.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not above 25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children!


3 years. Do not use the product after the expiry date.

Active ingredient


Terms of delivery from pharmacies

Without a prescription

Dosage form

dosage form

gel for external use

Nizhpharm, Russia

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