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Description of the treatment for Bepen Bepant 1).

Bepanten Ointment is a proven remedy (2) for treating diaper rash in children and nipple cracks in nursing mothers.

The ingredients that make up Bepanten Ointment provide a double action:

– Provitamin B5 stimulates the healing of damaged skin (2)

– A high concentration of natural lanolin (3) allows the skin to form a breathing layer that protects it from repeated irritation. (2)

Preservatives, colorings and flavorings are completely absent in the composition of Bepanten ointment, having the property of causing allergic reactions. (2)

The favorable safety profile of the product allows it to be used even on the sensitive skin of newborns. (4)

Over 70 years of experience in the world (2)

Numerous clinical studies (2)

1. Bepanten from Bayer, the world’s leading sales leader OTC products for skin care and treatment based on the 2017 Nicholas Hall Global OTC Drug Database, Euro, 2017.

2. Vasilevsky I.V. Optimization of skin care in newborns and infants // International reviews: clinical practice and health. – 2015. – No. 1. – p. 5-18.

3. Excipient in the composition of Bepanten ointment, the concentration is 25%.

4. In a comparative randomized trial involving 62 newborns, None of the children who were prescribed Bepanten ointment (n = 40) for prophylactic purposes did not develop diaper dermatitis during their hospital stay, and no adverse reactions were observed. Yatsyk G.V., Akoev Yu.S. The clinical efficacy of various newborn skin care products based on D-panthenol Consilium medicum. Appendix // Pediatrics. 200 No. 6 (2).

Release form

ointment for external use 5%


tube 30 g.

Pregnancy and lactation

Bepanten ointment can be used during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, if indicated.

Special instructions

Avoid contact with eyes.


1 g of ointment contains:

Active ingredient:

dexpanthenol – 50 mg


protegin X,

cetyl alcohol,

stearyl alcohol,


wax white bee,

paraffin white soft,

almond oil,

liquid paraffin,


Storage conditions

Keep out of the reach of children at temperatures below 30 ° C.


3 years.

active substance


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pharmacies Over-the-counter

dosage form


Grentsah Productions GmbH, Germany

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