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Latin name


Release form

Vaginal suppositories

packaging 3 pcs

Pharmacological action

CLINDACIN is an antibiotic from the group of lincosamides and has a wide spectrum of antimicrobial activity. The mechanism of action is due to binding to the 50 S subunit of the ribosomal membrane and inhibition of protein synthesis in the microbial cell. It acts bacteriostatically. In relation to a number of gram-positive cocci, a bactericidal effect is possible.

Active against Staphylococcus spp. (including Staphylococcus epidermidis producing and non-producing penicillinase), Streptococcus spp. (excluding Enterococcus faecalis), Streptococcus pneumoniae, Corynebacterium diphtheriae, Mycoplasma spp., anaerobic and microaerophilic gram-positive cocci (including Peptococcus spp. and Peptostreptococcus spp.), Clostridium perfringens, Clostridens, Clostrid. (including Bacteroides fragilis and Prevotella melaninogenica), Fusobacterium spp., Propionibacterium spp., Eubacterium spp. and Actinomyces israelii.

Most strains of Clostridium perfringens are sensitive to clindamycin, but other species of Clostridium spp. (including Clostridium sporogenes, Clostridium tertium) are resistant to its action, and therefore, for infections caused by Clostridium spp., the determination of an antibiogram is recommended.

Cross-resistance exists between clindamycin and lincomycin.


Bacterial vaginosis caused by drug-sensitive microorganisms.


– I trimester of pregnancy

– hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Composition of


Excipients: semi-synthetic glycerides

Dosage and administration

Intravaginally prescribed 1 suppository 1 time / day. immediately before bedtime, for 3-7 consecutive days.

Before use, one suppository is released from the contour packaging, having previously cut the film along the contour of the suppository, it is inserted, if possible, deep into the vagina, in the supine position.

Drug Interactions

Clindacin® enhances the effects of rifampicin, aminoglycosides – streptomycin, gentamicin.

Enhances muscle relaxation caused by n-anticholinergic blockers.

Clindacin® is incompatible with erythromycin, ampicillin, diphenylhydantoin derivatives, barbiturates, aminophylline, calcium gluconate and magnesium sulfate.

Storage conditions

At a temperature of 15 ° to 25 ° C.


3 years

Deystvuyuschee substances


Conditions of release from drugstores

Without prescription

dosage form

vaginal suppositories


Vagina n y candidiasis That vaginosis, vaginosis Bakteryaln y

Akrikhin HFK AO, Russia

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