Chlorhexidine | Chlorhexidine des. spray tool 0.05% 100 ml

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Release form

Antiseptic for external and local use


Spray bottle 100 ml.

Pharmacological action of

Chlorhexidine has antimicrobial activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria (Treponema spp., Neisseia gonorrhoeae, Tricyomonas spp., Chlamidia spp.), causative agents of nosocomial infections of HIV and tuberculosis, tuberculosis viruses and tuberculosis gastroenteritis, enterovirus infections, flu and other respiratory viral infections), yeast fungi of the genus Candida, dermatophytes. Sustained action – up to 4 hours.


Systemic absorption with intravaginal administration is negligible.




allergic reactions.

Caution: children.

Special instructions

Do not apply to wounds and mucous membranes. In case of contact with the mucous membranes of the eye, they should be washed quickly and thoroughly with water and instilled with a 30% solution of sodium sulfacyl (albucid), if necessary, consult a doctor.

In case of accidental ingestion, immediately wash the stomach with plenty of water, then give an adsorbent (10–20 tablets of activated charcoal). If necessary, symptomatic therapy is performed.

Flammable! Do not allow contact with an open flame and activated heaters.

Chlorhexidine remains active (albeit somewhat reduced) in the presence of blood, pus


Active ingredient: chlorhexidine solution for the preparation of dosage forms 20% (equivalent to 5 g of chlorhexidine bigluconate)

Dosage and Administration


During hygienic processing of the hands of medical personnel, 5 ml of the product is applied to the hands and rubbed into the skin for 2 minutes.

When treating the surgeon’s hands before using the product, the hands are thoroughly washed with warm running water and toilet soap for 2 minutes, dried with a sterile gauze cloth. Then, on dry hands, the product is applied in portions of 5 ml (at least 2 times) and rubbed into the skin of the hands, keeping them moist for 3 minutes.

When treating the surgical field or elbow folds of donors, the skin is successively wiped twice with separate sterile gauze swabs, richly moistened with a product. The exposure time after treatment is 2 minutes. On the eve of surgery, the patient takes a shower (bath), changes clothes. When processing the surgical field, the skin is wiped (in one direction) with a sterile swab moistened with a product. The exposure time after processing 1 minute. To disinfect small surfaces (including tables, equipment, armrests), the surfaces are wiped with a cloth dampened with a product. The consumption rate of the product during this treatment is 100 ml / m2.

Before disinfection of medical devices, visible impurities are removed: from the outer surface – using cloth napkins, the internal channels moistened with water are washed with water using a ruff or a syringe in compliance with anti-epidemic measures (rubber gloves, an apron). Wipes, wash water and washing containers are disinfected by boiling or using one of the disinfectants according to the regimes recommended for viral parenteral hepatitis (for tuberculosis – according to the regimes recommended for this infection), according to the current instructive and methodological documents. After removal of contamination, the products are completely immersed in the solution of the agent, filling cavities and channels with it. Detachable products are immersed disassembled. The containers with the solution should be tightly closed with lids to prevent evaporation of alcohol and reduce its concentration.

For the disinfection of products previously washed from contaminants, the drug can be used repeatedly within 3 days (provided that the used product is stored in a tightly closed container, in order to avoid changes in alcohol concentration). When the first signs of a change in the appearance of the product appear (including the appearance of flakes, turbidity), it should be replaced.

Side effects

Allergic reactions (skin rash),

dry skin,



Drug Interactions

Pharmaceutically incompatible with soap, alkali and other anionic compounds (colloids, gum arabic, carboxymethyl cellulose).

Storage conditions

In a cool, dark place, in a hermetically sealed container. (away from the fire).

Deystvuyuschee substances


Terms and conditions

without prescription

Dosage form

spray for external use


Prevention polov h ​​infektsiy, Vaginalyn e infections Genitalyn y gerpes

Yuzhfarm, Russia

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