calcium borhlyukonat | Calcium borgluconate solution for injection 20% 100 ml (BET)

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Pharmacological action

It has a desensitizing, antitoxic and anti-inflammatory effect that increases the level of ionized calcium in the blood, stimulates the metabolism, and strengthens the contraction of the heart muscle.


Postpartum paresis, spasmophilia, eclampsia, shock, transport illness, rickets, tetany, osteomalacia, delayed placenta, prenatal and postnatal bedding, poisoning with magnesium salts, allergic diseases (urticaria, serum sickness).

Special instructions

Use Calcium borgluconate does not preclude the use of other medicines. Livestock products during and after the use of Calcium borgluconate are used without restrictions. Personal preventive measures When working with Calcium Borgluconate, the general rules of personal hygiene and safety precautions provided for when working with medicines should be observed. Calcium borgluconate vials must not be used for food purposes.


The preparation contains calcium gluconate, boric acid, sodium tetraborate, sodium tetraborate 10-water, water for injection.

Dosage and administration

Calcium borgluconate, heated to a temperature of 35 ° C-37 ° C, is administered by animals intravenously (administered slowly) or subcutaneously at a rate of 0.5 ml per 1 kg of animal weight. With subcutaneous injections, the dose of the drug is administered fractionally in different places. The drug is administered to animals once, and if necessary, repeatedly in the same doses after 24 hours. Single doses: Cattle 250-300 ml Horses 150-250 ml Sheep and goats 50-100 ml Pigs 30-100 ml Dogs 5-25 ml

Side effects

Calcium borgluconate does not cause animal side effects and complications when used in recommended doses.

active substance

Calcium borglyukonat

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