Ascorbic acid | Wellmed ascorbic acid sachets 2.5 g

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Release form

Packets of 2.5 g

Pack of 10 pieces of packages of 2.5 g

Pharmacological action

Vitamin C is involved in collagen synthesis and redox processes, regulates carbohydrate metabolism, blood coagulation, synthesis of steroid hormones, provides tissue regeneration, increases the body’s resistance to infections. Ascorbic acid is not formed in the human body, but comes only with food and biologically active additives.

Glucose is a universal source of energy, which is formed by the breakdown of sugar. It ensures the normal functioning of such important physiological processes as respiration, muscle contraction, heartbeat and regulation of body temperature, which is necessary for the central nervous system to work, and provides nerve fibers with energy. Glucose supports all vital processes at the cellular level.

Scope: Immunology. Strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria, reduces the recovery time after illness.

Therapy. Vitamin C is a universal antioxidant, protects cells from free radicals, positively affects the functioning of the nervous system, supports the body during nervous and emotional overloads, improves the functioning of neurons, is indispensable for protracted and chronic infectious diseases.

Surgery. Participates in the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary to maintain a healthy state of joints, cartilage, to restore bone structure.

Indications of

Supplementary source of vitamin C: for the prevention and treatment of vitamin deficiency

during colds to increase immunity

during the recovery period after

diseases as an antioxidant defense of

cells during increased physical stress

to maintain the srdlk nervous system for maintaining srdlp joint health .


Sugar 2.1 g, ascorbic acid 0.4 g

Dosing and Administration

Adults should be dissolved in 1 glass of water 1-2 times a day after meals. Duration of admission is 10-14 days.

The recommended intake of dietary supplements provides the body’s daily need for vitamin C by 1112-1388% (667-833 mg), which does not exceed the maximum allowable level of consumption.

Storage conditions

Store in a dry, dark place, out of the reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Active substance

Ascorbic acid

Dispensing conditions from pharmacies

Without a prescription

Dosage form

powder for oral administration

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